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Get To Know Chef Bryan Rivera

“Honestly I can’t name one single chef that has influenced me, I’ve been influenced by way to many people in my career and especially those I work with.”

Chef Bryan Rivera

Sous Chef at Three x Social

People think I cook amazing complex things at home, but I love the simple things like an elevated instant ramen, add some thick bacon, corn, scallions, and a poached egg its amazing.

Chef Bryan like most chefs has been cooking for most of his life, but unlike most chefs he butchered his first chicken at 6 years old.  “Well I grew up in the kitchen with my Abuela in Puerto Rico.  I’ve been cooking since I was a kid.”  This is how he has been pretty much cooking nonstop since the age of 9 and his passion for the culinary arts grows stronger each day.  “Being a chef means everything to me, this is my life.  I’ve bleed, sweat, and shed many tears for my craft, but what doesn’t break you makes you stronger.”  These are words he lives by because even his most proudest moment in his field was a learning lesson for him.  “The first time I became an Executive Chef, I definitely needed more experience to do the job better since it’s a very demanding position, but I learned a lot that made me an even better Sous Chef today.”  

That determination and willingness to never give up is what makes Bryan the amazing chef that he is today.  Currently working as the Sous Chef at Three x Social in Wynwood Art District he is making his mark in the Miami culinary world.  “My job consists of assisting my Executive Chef in anything he might need so we will have a successful service. Right now with Covid I’m working the grill station. We have an all wood fire grill and that’s definitely my favorite way of cooking with an open wood fire.”  Even to get to this point in his career he had a set back with school, but turned it into a huge positive.  “I went to Le Cordon Bleu in Orlando, but I dropped out and I choose to learn hands on in the field.  I have worked with people that have worked for Jean Gorges, Norman Van Aiken, and other high ranking chefs that have influenced my career.”

With all the things on Chef Bryans plate he also is a proud new father with his wife and his family is at the core of his self-care.  “Honestly I spend a lot of time with my family.  We go camping, go to music festivals, and we take small vacation to make sure I have my release from all the work stress.”  He and his wife are also working on a secret Ramen project that they will be releasing soon, so stay tuned for that.  In the upcoming future he is also working on a brand new menu for his restaurant and more awesome things to come this summer.  If you get a chance to meet Chef Bryan he is constantly smiling and will give you positive energy for days, but he also tells all upcoming chefs the same thing.  “My advice would be, Brace Yourself!”, if you do that than maybe you can be ready for the ride ahead.

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