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Chef Dre

I don’t stress at all, I put all my worries in god hands and whatever I can’t handle I pray about it and always come up with a solution.

Chef Dre

Owner – Your Chef Dre & Dreeats Meal Preps

“Don’t worry about what people say about your prices being too high. Your price matches your worth.”

Chef Dre may not look like a veteran in the culinary world, but don’t let looks fool you.  This 28 year old has been cooking for the past 12 years and now owns and operates his own business where he offers personal chef services, catering, meal prep, production catering, and cooking classes.  Like so many of us in the culinary world he was heavily influenced by someone very close to him to start cooking, “my grandmother Lillian, every holiday and Sunday dinner I would help her.”  She is also his most influential chef to date, “the way she made people happy when coming together was inspiring.  I love making people happy with my food just as much as she did for my family.” He also uses what his grandmother Lillian taught him and combined that with Harrison Chef’s Academy to polish his culinary skills to be the amazing chef that he is today. 

To do all of the things that he does now he needed this strong foundation and that’s why he is currently doing 200+ meals weekly and last year booked his first 350+ wedding.  With all that he has going on in his life right now Chef Dre knows how to stay grounded though, “I don’t stress at all, I put all my worries in God hands and whatever I can’t handle I pray about it and always come up with a solution. I also run and workout too.”  This is a big part in how Chef Dre stays focused as well, because with so many ideas and new adventures on the horizon you have to be able to navigate them well.  Keeping God and positivity first is one of his keys to success and I have no doubt will take him even further.  

Staying with the idea of turning a negative into a positive he even uses when people may not view being a chef as a high career move to his advantage, “it pushes me to be greater, so I don’t let it stop me from mastering this craft.”  Because being a chef to him means, “someone who is creative with food, who understands it and who loves food.”  He not only believes this to be true in his journey, he spreads that message to others along the way.  Correcting one of the misconceptions as well like, “it’s easy being a chef, but it’s only easy when you put that hard work in.  You have to be consistent.”  He most certainly is consistent and that’s why he just launched his seasoning line, is working on e-books, and having a storefront next year as well.  So if you live in the Dallas area and you aren’t using his meal prep service yet he would love to add you to the client list today.  As for those of you who are don’t reside in the TX area, don’t worry because Chef Dre will be having products coming to you soon.  

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