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Vodka Chicken Cacciatore

This meal is completely inspired by my followers on social media.  I gave them a chance to create a meal with me by selecting the ingredients and I would make a cooking video and recipe up off of their choices.  They choose Chicken, Broccoli, Sautéed, Composed Dish, and Vodka.  With those choices I wanted to make something we could all make at home and also make it feel a little familiar.  So this is a take on the classic dish Chicken Cacciatore, just with some small twists along the way.

Emeril's Chicken Cacciatore Recipe | CDKitchen

Chicken Cacciatore is a classic dish that relies heavily on the flavors stewing together.  I wanted to take the elements from that recipe and create one that comes together a little faster, but doesn’t skimp on the flavors at all.  We are using the vodka in this dish to deglaze the pan and also using chicken breast instead of dark meat so that we can cook a little faster, but we won’t dry it out because we are cooking low and slow.  After trying this recipe you will take a shot, but also save that vodka for other things in the kitchen. 

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