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Jerk Seasoning

Jerk seasoning is found everywhere, but they are not created equally. You have to find one that really connects with you and tastes amazing. I make my own seasoning because I like to add in notes of sweetness to mine that harmonize with my spice level and I like to use it on many different proteins. Take my seasoning as a blueprint and make it the way that you like, but always remember that you can control the recipe and get the flavors that you want in the end.

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Jerk is not just a seasoning, it’s a way of life in the Caribbean.  Most importantly in the birthplace of jerk, Jamaica.  Recipes have changed and things have been added and subtracted over the years, but the heart of the recipe always remains.  You should have this deep feeling of love when eating and it should be sweet, tangy, spicy, and herbaceous all in one bite.  My recipe gives you all of these things and more because you will want to make every recipe jerk from now on.


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