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Island Ceviche

It’s officially Summer, even if some places haven’t gotten the memo yet. So it’s time for the fresh and flavorful food to come out. Ceviche is the perfect food for this time of the year. It’s cool, but packs so much flavor and can also have a bite if you add a little spice. This particular recipe takes traditional and combines it with some techniques that are not always seen in ceviche. There are so many islands in the Caribbean, but each one has different styles for ceviche and this is just one take on it.

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Ceviche is an amazing flavor punch of freshness.  Even though it originates from Peru, it has been adapted into many cultures around the world.  The Caribbean not only took on ceviche, each island has their own take on it.  Trinidad ceviche in particular really balances out the spice of peppers with natural sweetness from tropical fruits.  This recipe takes traditional ceviche native to Trinidad and enhances it with some different culinary techniques. 

  1. Heat olive oil in 10in skillet and cut cherry tomatoes in half.  Add in cherry tomatoes, kosher salt, white pepper, cumin, and sugar into the skillet.  Cook until cherry tomatoes start to caramelize and take off heat to cool down.  
  2. Zest one orange, lime, and lemon and juice all citrus fruit.  Add juice of oranges, limes, and lemons in bowl with tabasco.  
  3. Chop lobster and red snapper into small-med dice and both plus shrimp into bowl of citrus juice. 
  4. Slice red onion thin, rough chop habanero pepper, and cut pineapple and mango into med dice.
  5. In large bowl add pineapple, mango, red onion, red bell pepper, habanero pepper, cilantro, and cherry tomatoes into bowl.  
  6. Pour protein and citrus juice into big bowl and toss all together.  Can serve right away, or let sit for 24 and let all flavors combine.

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