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Chef Sugar Lee

“Yes being a chef is not easy, but if you can do it then it is an amazing job.”

Chef Sugar Lee

Consultant / Culinary Development

“If you want to become a chef, it takes hard work and going step by step.”

Chef Sugar Lee has made a name for himself as not only an amazing chef, but hotel & restaurant developer in Vietnam.  Having 15 years of experience and building on a foundation that he received from Hoa Sua Culinary School he is now leading the new school of chefs into the right direction.  “Being a Chef I can cook and share my culture with the world,” this is what drives him to work hard each and every day.   Sugar Lee also contributes his proudest moment to “when I’m sharing my knowledge to other chefs and they receive it.” This pay it forward, selfless attitude is one of the factors why Sugar Lee has gotten as far as he has in the industry today.

Don’t let Sugar Lee’s big heart fool you though what many people don’t know is that, “I’m sweet, but in the kitchen I can get a little salty.” Meaning that he is serious when it comes to work and tries to push his team to the best of their ability each and every time.  He approaches the significance of our line of work from a different stance.  “Yeah I think chefs are like doctors, we cook and we care about your health.”  Putting intention behind a dish and caring about the ingredients going into his clients bodies is something he really cares about.  He also doesn’t want to take away from the flavors because, “I became a chef because I wanted to eat, I love eating.”  So don’t expect his dishes to be anything less than delicious when you try them.  

Chef Sugar Lee’s vast knowledge that he passes to others comes from all of the work that he’s done all over the world with other chefs.  “I think all the chefs that I met and learned from in countries like Turkey, Japan, Thailand, Morocco, and all over Vietnam is how I got my inspiration to give back.” This is why he looks at being a Chef as not just a job, but a way of life.  “Many people think that Chefs are only in the kitchen, but we are Chefs outside as well.”  The values and principles that Chef Lee possess, he carries everyday in life and he is a well rounded and well respected person for it.

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