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Chef Patrick Farrell

I agree Chefs don’t get the same spotlight as other professions, its hard to say it’s not easy to take it personally, after all our job is to cook for others, lord knows we rarely go to the extremes to cook for ourselves!

Patrick Farrell 

Personal Chef / Sous Chef – Flower Child

In the Highly stressful arena of being a chef, it’s important for self care. For me that comes in finding myself in nature, whether it’s a local park, mountains, or back patio. I always try and escape to nature for relief. One of my goals is to always watch the sunset when I am able to.

Patrick Farrell is a Colorado native, but he’s also a Georgia boy at heart.  Born in Colorado Springs, he spent the majority of his life growing up in Georgia.  He even attended culinary school there at The Art Institute of Atlanta. Most of 2019 Chef Patrick resided in Nashville where he was a Private Chef for a high profile client.  This is a big job, because as a Private Chef you don’t just cook a meal for a family and leave.  It means that you are responsible for that family and you meal plan, cook 3 or more meals a day, take care of other employee food needs, and also sometimes clean too.  By the end of 2019 Chef Patrick was called back to the snowy mountains of Colorado, where he now is a Sous Chef by day at Flower Child, and Snowboarder on the weekends.  Transitioning back into restaurants as a Sous Chef was a big change, but he also took his Private Chef knowledge and is transitioning into a Personal Chef.  Becoming a Personal Chef means that he can use his years of experience and bring his flavors to lots of clients and not just one family at a time.  This new path really brings his culinary journey full circle because cooking for his family is what made him fall in love with cooking.

“I fell in Love with cooking with a lack of food experience. I grew up eating a lot of tv dinners, frozen pot pies, hamburger helper, due to being raised by single mother who had me at 17, wasn’t a lot of knowledge of food in my household growing up. Once I got old enough to experiment on my own in high school I fell in love with the flavors of food and the magic of turning raw ingredients into delicious works of art to enjoy, but more importantly share with others!”  This sums up the type of chef that Patrick is, but most importantly the kind of person he is because he is always thinking of ways to help others.  “To me being a chef means knowing how to take fresh ingredients and turning them into something delightful, all while utilizing as much as you can with minimal food waste, managing time to make sure everything comes together harmoniously, and keeping a well organized and clean workstation. All while telling a story to guest without having to say anything at all, or taking others on a journey without leaving the dining room table.”  

Two things that you will take away from working with Chef Patrick is that he has an amazing work ethic and integrity in and out of the kitchen.  These qualities are not just something he suddenly woke up with, he was influenced by other amazing chefs along the way.  “The most influential Chef to date on my career would be my former executive chef I worked for In Beaver Creek, Co. David Gutowski. He showed me what it took to become more driven, focused, detail oriented, and overall how approach the role as a professional above a title.”  With all that has been put in his path, some would become jaded or pessimistic, but Patrick remains a beacon of light and all around great guy.  Not taking any day for granted and living each moment like it’s the last, you taste this positivity in his cuisine as well.  “I’d say the proudest moment of my career is the current moment of my career, reflecting on where I have come and the people I’ve met memories I’ve made along the way really make me value and appreciate my career path.”  Next time you are in the mile high city make sure to hire Chef Patrick for any culinary needs or stop by his restaurant to just invoke a new satisfaction for your taste buds.  

I think that the biggest miss conception of being a chef that we eat so well. Im lucky to sit down and eat one meal during a work day.

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