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Chef Kevin

I think Chefs are held higher than we used to be! When I met my wife at 18 and I told her I wanted to be a chef she scoffed at it! We broke up then, and didn’t marry until 2019!

Chef Kevin

Owner – Ontheshieldcatering

Chef Kevin has been wowing the Columbus, Ohio area with his food for years and last year he took the leap into ownership when he founded his catering company.  It hasn’t been an easy road for Kevin, but he never let that stop him and he kept persevering. “Being a Chef means I have found My Passion, My Power, & My Purpose!”, this is Kevin’s mantra and how he motivates himself to keep getting better and better with each dish.  That sense of purpose in the kitchen wasn’t always there though, he actually got his spark because of his ability to find trouble as a kid. “I literally got started cooking because my mom would put me on punishment and make me do her kitchen duty. Cutting potatoes and onions, then I perfected her smothered potatoes and she started to have me cook dinners.”  This is a true example of turning a bad situation into a great one, and that lead him to the path of becoming a chef.

Gaining his culinary training from other chefs that came before him, notably “Fredrick Mason and Kevin Horton” he is now is giving back by passing that knowledge to the next generation.  “Chef Kevin Horton has been my greatest influence, he taught me a great deal under his watch.” One of the greatest things he learned from his mentor is to “write down everything”, this is also something a lot of chefs realize very quickly.  You never know when something you are being taught will be useful and in our worlds we need to use that knowledge in a fast paced way.  Kevin has mastered the art of learning and using his knowledge in the kitchen, and next on his list is mastering the art of self-care.  

This past year has a been a tough one for us all especially in the culinary world with so many of our businesses having to shut down.  During these unforeseen times a couple people adapted quickly and adjusted to the change organically.  Kevin did this when he started his catering company and getting his paperwork filled for his business is still one of his greatest achievements to this day.  I have no doubt that if you haven’t tried Kevin’s food yet you will in the near future.  Staying true to his cooking style he brings sophistication to soul food without losing it’s essence and when he opens his food trailer he will be able to bring his creations directly to you. For now order some of his food weekly and enjoy all of the amazing flavors that he puts together on the plate.

Facebook – Kevin L. Thrweatt Sr.

Instagram – ontheshieldkitchen

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