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Chef Bill Lipscomb

Bill Lipscomb 

Executive Pastry Chef – East Lake Golf Club

“If you’re young and thinking of becoming a chef….DON’T”

Chef Bill is an amazing pastry chef, but that should be no surprise because he attended Culinary School at Ecole L’Enotre. Gaston L’Enotre is known as the grandfather of modern day pastry, but Bill’s love for baking and pastry bloomed earlier in his life.  “I got into baking and pastry because of my mom and dad.  When I was growing up they cooked and baked everything at home”.   He even goes on to acknowledge his mother as the most influential chef in his life because of the fact that she made everything.  This definitely laid the foundation for the chef that he is today. Even though our origin stories are not similar, his thoughts on what being chef means to him resinates with me.   “Being a chef is the greatest thing to me.  It’s fun, there is fulfillment, creativity, I feel I accomplish something everyday I am in the kitchen”. 

Being a working chef and actually living the day to day vs what people see on TV or assume is very different.  “Some of the misconceptions about being a chef, one is that it’s easy and it is by far not at all easy, another is we make a lot of money, being on television is what every chef wants, all chefs can cook is a huge one, we have the best work schedule”.  Out of these I believe I have a discussion about all chefs actually knowing how to cook at least once a week with my friends as well.  Even with misconceptions about what being a chef is, Bill still feels that people respect the craft and career.  “I have never really come in contact with any one who didn’t take what I do seriously, many people I do come into contact with are very curious about what goes on in a kitchen”.  

“One of the proudest moments in my culinary career was when I won a medal in my first baking and pastry competition”. This is no surprise if you have ever had the pleasure of tasting or even just seeing one his creations.  It does take hard work and dedication to reach the level that Bill has, and it comes with lots a sacrifices as well.  As a chef we work long hours and put in loads of time so self-care is usually last on our list of things to do.  Luckily Bill takes the time to keep his stress down by working out at the gym and playing with his daughter.  With all of this being said he does have advice for someone who wants to pursue being a chef.  “If you’re young and thinking of becoming a chef….DON’T”. Sound advice, because I can vouch as well that if you don’t love it it’s not worth it, but if you do it will fulfill you each and everyday.  

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