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Black Bean Burgers

Lots of people in my life ask me questions about vegan and vegetarian recipes and I try to incorporate them as much as possible. My sister is vegetarian and I’m always trying to help her be a better home cook, but also keep flavor in the forefront. The great thing about black bean burgers is that you can dress them up how you want so you are not put in a box with a 1 note meal. You can add pickled vegetables to it and have a Banh Mi inspired burger or you can just go classic and keep it close to home. The best thing about this recipe is that by using flavored chips as your binder you can also influence the way the actual patty tastes. On top of that if you are like most people, you want to be able to freeze these and not have to make them to order.

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Black bean burgers get a bad reputation for being plain, tasteless, or just dry.  These will not only stay juicy and filled with flavor, but they are anything but plain.  You need a binder to make sure the burger doesn’t fall apart and by using Doritos (Nacho Cheese) chips you can have a punch of flavor from the inside out.  This is just the begging, you can try out different flavors and see which one really speaks to your tastebuds the most.  

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